About Us

Let’s Grow Kids

Let’s Grow Kids is a nonprofit organization on a mission: ensuring affordable access to high-quality child care for all Vermont families by 2025. With over 30,000 supporters from all walks of life, Let’s Grow Kids is strengthening the early care and education system today and calling for lasting investments in child care to ensure that all of Vermont’s children have the opportunity to succeed individually so that we can thrive together. Learn more at www.letsgrowkids.org.

Shared Services VT

Shared Services VT works to support strong, sustainable child care businesses in two ways.

• Regional networks-Networks of independent early learning and development programs, both center and home based, who join together in innovative ways to share cost and time sharing services and quality improvement opportunities

• Statewide shared services through the use of technology, including www.SharedServicesVT.org and www.VTChildCareLynx.org